The House of Piranesi

The Multi-Generational Italian House of Piranesi has been at the forefront of couture high jewelry for over a century. An Italian gem nestled in the heart of New York, is a beacon of exquisite artistry and opulence. With a legacy steeped in Old World charm and a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship, Piranesi crafts fine jewelry that transcends time. Each piece is a symphony of rare and precious gemstones to captivating design, resonating with the soul of Italy and the pulse of New York. From rare diamonds to vibrant sapphires, Piranesi's creations blend the allure of the Old World with the vibrancy of contemporary aesthetics, delivering timeless luxury from generation to generation.


Piranesi, established in Milan, cultivated its vision for artistry and the influence of the Italian culture to further elevate the already prestigious and sophisticated brand. At its core, Piranesi values excellent quality and fine craftsmanship as the key to its success.


In 1976, Piranesi began its journey in New York City at the world-famous landmark, Rockefeller Plaza, after having moved its headquarters from Milan. Today, the House of Piranesi has made its new home on Fifth Avenue. Piranesi is recognized as one of the most well respected and trusted brands in the fine jewelry arena. Piranesi partners with the top retailers in the country as well as Europe and South America.


Piranesi of Aspen first opened its doors in 1993, serving as its only storefront presence. Situated amongst the peaks and valleys of the monumental Aspen Mountains, Piranesi is Aspen’s top luxury destination.



Abraham's great-grandson, Sami, carried on the family heritage of traditional excellence and craftsmanship using the world's most precious gems and metals. Sami's extensive experience throughout his exotic travels across the world had brought him a unique understanding of rough stones, diamond mines, cutting stones, pearls, estate, and vintage jewelry. And most of all, a sophisticated taste for excellence.

As the company evolves from generation to generation, it is now carried on by Sami’s wife and children. Piranesi continues to be a leader brand and has carved a niche in the jewelry world. It has developed the boutique collection, alongside the masterpiece and couture collection, enabling the brand to deliver the Piranesi experience to a wider audience worldwide, with a dominant presence in the finest stores in the country. Today, the Piranesi brand is renowned for its rare and exotic stones, unique jewelry designs, and statement pieces, delivering timeless luxury from generation to generation