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A showcase of one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are true collector's items. Our artisans have meticulously curated rare and precious stones, pairing them with simple, understated designs that allow the stones to take center stage. Each piece is a celebration of the stone's inherent beauty, showcasing its unique qualities and allure to be passed down from generation to generation.


Inspired by the iconic Place Vendôme in Paris, the Vendome Collection is a tribute to elegance and timeless style. Each piece in this collection features pear-shaped designs that echo the grandeur of this prestigious location. Meticulously crafted, the Vendome Collection brings an air of sophistication to any formal occasion.

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Baguette diamonds take center stage in the Portrait Collection, elegantly framing the most important stones at the heart of each piece. With a design that mirrors the sophistication of a timeless portrait, these jewels capture the essence of grace and individuality.

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The Classic Collection has withstood the test of time and is regarded a staple in every collector's gem box. Clean and classic lines with emphasis on the gem stones, keep the design linear and simplistic, yet with an edge.

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Sleek, clean, and modern design with precious gems designed for a lifestyle of the modern woman. The Gemma Collection embodies a bold sophistication for a casual lifestyle.

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The Riviera Collection, handcrafted by our talented Italian artisans, is where timeless design meets the everlasting beauty of diamonds.

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The Masterpiece Collection epitomizes our rarest, most precious and sought after one-of-a kind gemstones. Understated designs highlight the magnificence and pureness of the collector stones. Built around the uniqueness of each stone, the designs featured in the masterpiece collection highlight the beauty of each stone.

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Elizabeth Taylor

Piranesi joined forces with the legendary Elizabeth Taylor to create a jewelry collection of unparalleled opulence. Their collaboration was a labor of love, as they worked closely together to transform her vivid jewelry dreams into exquisite reality. Elizabeth's passion for glamour and Piranesi's artistic brilliance converged in each meticulously designed piece. The result was a collection that not only captured her extraordinary beauty but also her indomitable spirit. Each jewel in this collection carries with it the essence of Hollywood's golden era, a testament to a unique collaboration that continues to dazzle and inspire, embodying the timeless allure of both Elizabeth Taylor and Piranesi. The house has archived a few of her remaining jewels and designs, making them only available to the most esteemed Piranesi collectors worldwide.

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