All orders will be fulfilled based on availability of the piece. Delivery time can vary. Most product ships for next day delivery, while other products will take 7-14 days for delivery.

For exact details on availability of each product please call (212)332-7373 or email piranesi@piranesi.com.


All returns must be sent within 14 days upon receipt. Please email returns@piranesi.com to request a return label. Returned items must be in perfect/sellable condition. In order for returns to be accepted, all original tags must remain attached. 

In the event that the package was damaged in transit, you must notify Piranesi within 24 hours upon receipt.

For any further questions, please email: shop@piranesi.com

Special Orders

In the event that your desired piece is unavailable in your size/color preference, please email shop@piranesi.com to place a special order.

All special orders must be pre-paid for in full in advance. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. In some cases, items may be delivered sooner but there is no guarantee.


Important Notice Regarding Stones

Please be reminded that many color gemstones have historically been treated to enhance their appearance.  These enhancements contribute to their beauty and/or durability. A variety of methods including heat, irradiation, filling and oiling may be used.  Certain enhancement methods, such as heating, are commonly used to improve both color and/or transparency, particularly in rubies and sapphires. Other methods such as oiling enhance the clarity of Emeralds.  These methods have been generally accepted by the international jewelry trade. Although, heat enhancement of color is widely believed to be permanent, it may have some impact on the durability of the gemstone and special care of the stone may be required over time.  For example, gemstones that have been oiled may require re-oiling after a period of years to retain their maximum appearance.

It is not feasible for PIRANESI to obtain a gemological report for each gemstone offered by PIRANESI. Prospective buyers should be aware that all gemstones may have been enhanced by some method.  For further details, prospective buyers in the United States are referred to the information chart prepared by the Gemstones Standards Commission or to the American Gem Trade Associations Gemstone Enhancement manual, or contact AGTA at (214) 742-4367.  Prospective buyers may request laboratory reports for most un-certified items and this service is subject to prepayment by the requesting party. Most reports from gemological laboratories in the USA will disclose any heat enhancement or treatment. European gemological laboratory reports will disclose heat enhancement only if specifically requested but will confirm when no heat enhancement or treatment has been made.  New forms of treatment and new scientific methods to discern them are constantly being developed. Consequently, there may be a lack of consensus among laboratories as to whether gemstones have been treated, the extent of treatment or the permanence of treatment.  

All diamond grading is based upon the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) standards and guidelines to determine approximate color range and approximate clarity range.  All grades and measurements of stones and mountings should be considered approximate unless otherwise stated by a certificate.

The foregoing is provided by PIRANESI for informational and descriptive purposes only.  PIRANESI hereby expressly disclaims any and all liability, damages, actual or consequential, of any nature whatsoever, based upon customer’s use of or reliance upon the foregoing.