Piranesi Exclusive


Boutique Collection


This collection of modern designs is inspired by the diverse lifestyle of the Piranesi Woman. The pieces are playful and colorful, yet dramatic. It is the essence of a day into night style. Any and every piece will be a constant cornerstone in the way you represent yourself.


The collection consists of vibrant and radiant stones, artfully encased by original and timeless designs. Sparkling briolette’s, rubies, enchanting Colombian emeralds, sapphires, radiant yellow, white, champagne and black diamonds are what make this collection an unparalleled work of art, delivering classic jewelry with an edge.

Couture Collection
Bridal Collection


Every stone and every setting is specifically hand selected for the bride. Each stone represents a different style and each setting a different lifestyle. The Piranesi bridal atelier delivers each bride a unique and personalized engagement ring, eternity band and jewelry for the Special day and Forever.


The Masterpiece collection is the epitome of our rarest, most precious, and most sought after, one of a kind stones, each accompanied by a certificate. Understated designs highlight the magnificence and pureness of the stones. The inspiration comes from the natural beauty and rareness of each stone, collected over the past century, from generation to generation.

Masterpieces Collection