PRECIOUS JEWELS SINCE 1845 The History of Piranesi

Over a century ago, one man started a family legacy of excellence, quality and fine craftsmanship in majestic jewelry that continues to this day. Abraham was a successful jeweler in the Orient, who desired for something that only the Italian renaissance tradition of artistry could provide. He moved to Milan where his experience in the Orient, his vision for artistry, and the influence of the Italian culture gave rise to his brand, Piranesi, a collection of carefully collected colored stones and curated designs, delivering classic jewelry with an edge from generation to generation.

Abraham's great-grandson, Sami, carried on the family heritage of traditional excellence and craftsmanship using the world's most precious gems and metals. Sami's extensive experience throughout his exotic travels across the world had brought him a unique understanding of rough stones, diamond mines, cutting stones, pearls, estate, and vintage jewelry. And most of all, a sophisticated taste for excellence.

As the company evolves from generation to generation, it is now carried on by Sami’s wife and children. Piranesi continues to be a leader brand and has carved a niche in the jewelry world. It has developed the boutique collection, alongside the masterpiece and couture collection, enabling the brand to deliver the Piranesi experience to a wider audience worldwide, with a dominant presence in the finest stores in the country. Today, the Piranesi brand is renowned for its rare and exotic stones, unique jewelry designs, and statement pieces, delivering timeless luxury from generation to generation